Tuesday, July 6, 2010

garden progress

We got our first batch of sprouts!  

After the first layer of seeds went in the sprouter, I waited two days and added a second level.  The third level was added yesterday.  One tray of sprouts is enough for two (fairly big) sandwiches, so we'll have to continuously rotate the trays. 

While it's pretty easy to use, my biggest problem seems to be the siphoning action of the water dripping from the top to each tray level.  The first day it seemed to flow quite easily, and even making sure there aren't seeds or sprouts blocking the siphon, I still have a laggy water flow.  I've taken to popping open the top of the water tray to keep the water flowing, though I'm sure that's not the best thing to do.  

In other news I've done some redecorating in terms of the containers on the balcony.  Here's what it looked like before:

Our office is reducing the size of the space we're renting and so we've been having major purges of stuff.  I was able to score these file/milk crates and I figured I could transform them into planters and create a cleaner looking balcony garden.

I had looked on Google to see if there was a cheap way to line by containers, and some sites were talking about peat moss or landscape fabric.  I went super cheap by digging up old cardboard boxes and newspaper.

I ran out of potting soil halfway through so after a quick run to the store I was able to complete three of them.

Everything fits nicely now along that south rail and I was able to gain more space and depth!  Can't wait to plant more things in them! 

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  1. ooh i love your crates!! do you just poke holes in the bottom for drainage?