Friday, July 23, 2010


images via bliss by nick brandt


  1. Ciao Brooke!
    Have you been on a tour in Africa?
    It is my dream...
    You know I love scubadiving because I can still see some fishes... I dive because i like diving but because I hope to meet some of the divine creatures that live in the sea...
    Same for the other animals... I would love to go to Kenia and South Africa (Kruger Park is my dream).
    You know, many people say that we are crazy to keep on going on places where you dive for our holidays. But we always say that the cities (so cultural holidays) will stay for long still, whereas we are distroying the nature and most of the animals and the fishes (like sharks, turtles, dolphins) will disappear from the wild environments and you will only be able to see them in parks, restricted areas that make us very sad because we know they are happier in the oceans...

    Ciao Nicoletta

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