Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We've been trying to be better about bringing home lunches, and usually it ends up being a sandwich.  We've used fancier breads (baguettes, rolls, etc) and regular sliced bread and we've tried to fancy them up with lots of veggies too.  We like to add sprouts to our sandwiches and I thought maybe we should try to grow them.  I was online shopping for wheat grass seeds (more on that to come) and the website I was on ( sold sprout seeds and sprouters.  
On Monday we received in the mail our sprouter and seeds.  I finally had some time last night to read the instructions and started some seeds this morning before work.
Here's what the sprouter looks like:
And here are the seeds we got.  I chose the 5 part salad seed mix.
The instructions with the sprouter says 1 tablespoon of seeds will fill one tray so that's what I did.
You put the top level on with water in it and it drips down to each level then to the bottom catcher.  You change the water ever 12 hours and in a few days we should have sprouts!
I started one tray this morning and will start the second one in a couple days and the third tray a couple days after that so we have a continuous supply of sprouts for our sandwiches or salads.
Stay tuned for results!

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  1. oooh! interesting! can't wait to see the progress :)