Monday, April 19, 2010

tpw in the pnw

This past Saturday The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond had a book signing at Third Place Books up here in Seattle.

image from Scott Kelby
When her cookbook first came out last year I was hoping hoping hoping she was going to make a book tour stop here, but she didn't.  I've been obsessed with her blog (and her) for the past year or so, relying on her recipe posts to plan many a meal.  When I got her book for Christmas I was so excited and read it that night.  
Earlier this year she posted on Facebook that she was planning another book tour and holy shiet she was stopping in Seattle.  I knew I had to go.
Friday came and I checked the Facebook page and saw a comment that we needed tickets to get our book signed and that Third Place Books had started giving out those tickets in the beginning of April.  I figured I'd be out of luck to get a coveted ticket and debated all Friday and Saturday if I wanted to chance the drive up there. 
Finally Saturday night came, it was 630, and I figured it started at 5, if I headed over then, maybe everyone would have gone and I'll be able to just pop in and out real quick.  I was still reasoning with myself as I left the house (not bothering to change out of my lay-around-the-house-clothes into I-may-possibly-meet-someone-famous-if-I-can-stand-the-wait-clothes) that if I showed up and it was ridiculously packed I would just leave.  When I got to the parking lot it was relatively empty and I thought I was in luck.  As I walked up to the store a girl was walking out with her book so I asked how bad the wait was and she said an hour... so I thought I can do an hour.  Then I walked in and noticed the bookstore was actually on the second level and the second level parking was PACKED.  uh oh.  I went and got a ticket.... J... "what letter are you on now?"  "E... almost F"  uh oh.  

I took a quick walk around the store and found a gap through the shelves and I COULD SEE HER!!!

At this point, besides wishing I had changed my clothes and maybe put on some makeup, I wished I had brought my zoom lens!!!  Though I did feel slightly stalker-ish peering over a bookcase taking pictures of her and random other fans.  
I called Jason to let him know the status and we decided I should just stick it out since I was there.  I found a seat at a table in the food court and started my wait and facebook play by play.
As I was waiting they had a great swing band playing and I was able to eat dinner.  Then I noticed the Pioneer daughter walking around, and thought, well if I don't stay til J is called (I think they were still on F at this point) I should get her daughter's signature so at least I have something besides stalker photos to show!

She was so cute (and super tall)!  So polite!
I waited and waited, bought a new knitting book, and waited and waited.  The swing band played two sets and then they were gone... after 3 hours, it was finally the J group!  Woo hoo!  I jumped into line and suddenly felt nervous.  I was about to meet  a celebrity!  The line slowly moved forward and soon I was next!  
Five seconds or so of random chit chat (who knows what I said) and she signed my book and we took a picture (man I wished I had changed my clothes)!

Even after five hours of signing and smiling and posing and chatting she was still just as pleasant as if she had just started!
My first celebrity encounter and it was The Pioneer Woman.  I couldn't have been happier.  It was worth the four hour wait!


  1. Wasn't meeting her just so exciting!?! I met her last night at her Portland signing and it was SO fun! She did a Q & A session and was very funny and down to earth. Just like she is on her site! That's why we love her! :)

  2. I was there, too, and also with a "J" ticket. Total bummer we couldn't stay to get the books signed, but after 3.5 hours of waiting we had to drive back to Tacoma. Oh well.

  3. Brandy: I wish she did a Q&A up in Seattle!

    Jenn: that's too bad! It was quite a long wait... I wasn't sure if I was going to make it til the J's.

  4. Wow! You met PW in the flesh! I'm so jealous!

  5. Thanks for sharing the excitement! Happy for you that you stuck it out!

  6. how exciting!!! that was a long wait! glad you got to meet her :)

  7. So glad you had a good time!
    I agree, Ree is definitely worth the wait!


  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like you had a blast.

  9. Sounds like a great experience - I'm glad you were able to stick it out 'til the J's!

  10. SO cool and I am SO jealous. :) I didn't know about her trip to Seattle until I saw it on her blog. I totally would have come over...bummer! Glad you got to meet her. Nope, I haven't tried her Penne a la Betsy or the pot roast. ( we don't eat beef so probably won't be doing that one. ;) I have tried mostly breakfast items and a few desserts...still need to get her cookbook. Neat that you are so into cooking. Have you ever thought about taking a cooking class, like a day class? I think it would be so fun.