Monday, April 19, 2010

29 by 30 update

29* things to do before turning 30 - gives me a a little under a month!

(i think with the economy in the state its in... all items below that cost money may have to be put on hold til things are more stable)
1. visit at least 5 "middle" states (1. indiana, 2. michigan, 3. illinois, 4. ohio) (i dont know if im going to get one more "middle" state in!)
2. go rock climbing
3. pay off all loans (loan one paid off - dec 2008, car loan paid off - july 2009)
4. start licensing exams (i may need to shoot for completing my idp forms first)
5. read the pillars of the earth (160 pages to go!)
6. cook lasagna from scratch
7. buy flowers for myself at least once a quarter (nov - tulips, dec - christmas tree, march - daffodils, april - daffodils, july - lavender, dec- christmas tree, jan - daffodils, feb - tulips)
8. save money (so far so good!!)
9. make an amigurumi
10. work out at least 3 times a week 
11. treat myself to a massage at least once a year
12. take at least one international vacation (2.5 week cambodia trip starting now)
13. take a pottery class
14. bike the burke-gilman trail
15. spend a day in west seattle
16. do a real detox (dr natura... cant say it did much)
17. knit a scarf (closer to achieving this one thanks to Cassie)
18. purge the closet (dressers & shoe racks too)
19. visit the olympic peninsula (really went to the Olympic National Forest, but that's close)
20. go to whistler
21. go fishing
22. have dinner at canlis (really the company holiday party, but i say it counts)
23. visit the capilano suspension bridge (planned for June - a month past the big 3-0, but I think it should count)
24. watch a live nfl game (steelers would be good, but id settle for the seahawks)
25. learn how to turn (all the way around) on a snowboard (still not a pro, but i made it!)
26. go camping
27. buy a gift for no reason for three friends
28. use my dutch oven at least once a month (at least when its cold)
29. get a kitty (a kitty turned into a puppy)

30.  start a garden

*I've decided to add things to my list that I've done recently to make up for some of the things that won't get done before the big 3-0.

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