Monday, April 12, 2010

garden progress

Things are growing!

The basil is slowing coming up.

The parsley is coming up really fast!

I planted a little container of arugula inside to see how that'd go and they are growing as well (the seeds I started outside aren't progressing as quickly).

I added a chive and oregano starter to the rosemary pot, though my chives look a little limp.

The mint got a new resident... meet Finbert!
The other seeds I planted outdoors in the beds aren't growing as quickly as the seeds I have inside.  The arugula is starting to poke through but the butter lettuce and spinach aren't as visible.  Hopefully things warm up and they'll start to grow!  
The wildflowers are just starting to break through too and the broccoli is still kicking.  

I read a copy of All New Square Foot Gardening last week.

I wish I had read it and done a bit more research before I started my bed.  Oh well.  Next year.  Or if the seeds I planted the other week don't grow, it'll get started sooner!


  1. Love the post... we are going to start a garden next year!!



  2. i was hoping to try to grow some stuff indoors...hope your arugula plant does well...maybe i'll try that!