Thursday, May 13, 2010

garden progress

More garden progress!
Darwin had to inspect as I was trying to take pictures.

Here's one without her:

We've got arugula in the low pot, green onions in the the next one (and some spinach and arugula that got moved out from the front raised beds to make room for the starts), rosemary chives and oregano in the tallest pot, and mint in the silver bucket.  In the box on the railing there's thyme, lemon sage and cilantro.
I think the arugula is starting to bolt and I'm wondering what I can plant next in it (the pot is pretty shallow, like a big bowl).  I'm wondering why my chives don't have the pretty purple flowers I see in other chive plants... is mine defective?!  And the mint and thyme only produce small tiny leaves.... is that normal?
Inside we have another box that is starting Italian parsley and basil.... I'm not sure when I can put those outside.  Nothing seemed to grow from the first round of seeds of basil so I tried it again and there are maybe 2 or 3 little sprouts coming up.

I also just got a mini rose plant for my birthday!

Some of the flowers are starting to open up and they are so pretty!  Yellow roses with slightly pink tips!  I'm wondering if it would do better inside or outside and if I need to put it in a bigger pot?  
Our broccoli is coming along nicely.  It's funny how one is growing pretty quickly and the other two are lagging behind.

We also planted Jason and Darwin's tomato plant, and even though I don't like tomatoes I'm very excited about growing them!

So that's the rest of the garden.  I did do some thinning of the arugula and some of the butter lettuce which we ate in a salad, but I'm still worried things are too squished, especially for the arugula.

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  1. good job on the garden, it looks awesome!! =)