Friday, May 7, 2010

garden progress

I realized I haven't posted updated pictures of my garden in a while, so I took a few quick shots this morning.
A few weeks ago I went to the Ballard Farmers Market and picked up some starters to speed up our veggie eating.  I got some butter lettuce, some red butter lettuce, and some red spinach. 

This morning, everything was growing well!

The spinach I planted from seeds seems to be growing the slowest.

But the butter lettuce and arugula started from seeds is doing well.

I'm not sure about the whole thinning thing.  Should I start thinning the arugula now?  Do I really have to?!  
It's pretty amazing looking back at the starts from three weeks ago or so and how much they've grown, actually how much everything has grown. 
Next week I'll post about how the broccoli and other things are doing. 

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  1. The garden looks GREAT! I planted a few things today too. I don't think you need to thin quite yet...I always waited for awhile because I hated the idea of pulling perfectly healthy plants out of the ground. God luck....I'm excited to hear about the broccoli progress. I've never tried growing that. :)