Saturday, May 16, 2009

darwin - 14 weeks

14 weeks and now up to 37.5lbs!
we had a little mishap today... i decided to cut darwins nails before going to the vet, and she moved a bit on one and i cut the quick! she didnt yelp in pain and let me finish cutting the rest, but by the end there was blood dripping all over the balcony. we dont have styptic powder on hand, so after a quick google search, i found out flour works just as well. and it did! it amazed me how much blood came out of one toe, and that she totally was oblivious to it.

we went to a small park near the house this week and let her run around off leash. she had tons of fun. we forgot to bring a ball (bad puppy parents) but she has a thing for sticks, so we were in luck throwing a stick around.

now that shes gotten all her shots, we plan on taking a trip to marymoor park on a sunday afternoon where we hear a bunch of great danes meet up at 100. should be fun to see how she interacts with full sized great danes.

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  1. Been tehre done that! I cut one of Moose's nails too short (also because he moved!) and he seemed oblivious walking around bleeding all over. I also could not find the styptic! It was terrible! Now I take him to the groomers to have it done. Since I live alone it is just too much to try to hold down a reluctant Moose and cut nails! It is shocking how much they bleed!