Monday, April 27, 2009

darwin - 11weeks

darwin is now 11 weeks old.
we took her for her second set of shots on saturday and shes up to 26.4 lbs! (she was 12.9lbs at 7 weeks)
we have her in puppy kindergarten for training and socialization, and while the training is helpful, the most helpful part is the socialization. since we bottle fed her from 5 days old, and she only got weekend time with her mom and the majority of her siblings, she was a bit snarly at other puppies. weve been going to class for about 3 weeks now, two times a week, and shes getting a lot better. tho shes still intimidated by a big group of older/bigger puppies, shes getting better with smaller puppies, and one on one bigger puppy time.
this is her bff from class, louie the french bulldog:

and this is her bff neighbor from upstairs, riley the black lab:

it still amazes me that shes as big as she is now, when we first took her and her brother and sisters home to foster they were this big (shes the one with the pink ribbon):


  1. You mentioned that you are doing “no biting” training with Darwin. That was a HUGE problem with our Dane Princeton, so I sought out and tried a lot of techniques for teaching pups not to bite. It’s all summarized in the following post: “Top Ten Ways to Stop Puppy Biting,” written when he was 3 months old. The comments offer even more valuable suggestions:

    I see that you bottle-fed Darwin since she was a puppy. I thought maybe the reason that Princeton was so mouthy was because he was bottle-fed some and weaned at only 5-1/2 weeks.

    Now that Princeton is a year old, he’s much better about not biting or mouthing. He still likes to chew forbidden objects (like sofa cushions) when we’re not looking.

  2. Oh he is beautiful! Moose has a good friend (black lab) named Darwin. Great name!