Friday, November 7, 2008

cake balls

so i found this recipe on pioneer woman's cooking blog that i wanted to make for our halloween potluck. but i ran out of time with the pumpkins and costumes. so i decided id make it this week, thinking i could bring them in on wednesday as celebration cake balls, but my first attempt at using white chocolate chips to coat the balls, failed miserably, so i thought id dump the whole attempt.

i tried again last night with unsweeted chocolate that i had and added some bakers sugar....and it was still too thick. so i thought id just scrap the whole thing, but decided to look at what else i had and found some semisweet chocolate chips and added that. a few other sites i saw that had recipes for cake balls talked about adding crisco to the chocolate, i didnt have any, but i did have crisco vegetable oil, so i added a few drops and that seemed to thin it out some.... and this is what i ended up with:

i still wasnt sure about the whole thing, im no chocolate fan so for me it was too chocolatey... and i made jaisn try one and he thought it just seemed like raw cake batter in chocolate. but the reviews were positive with at least two people asking for the recipe....

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