Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.11 for 2011. update

  1. Cut back on alcohol.  Both for health/weight and money savings.
  2. Work out to my new dvds, the Exhale: Core Fusion Collection at least two times a week (ideally three times).  (added another DVD to the mix Abs & Arms, bought some 2lb weights so I can do more free weight exercises.)
  3. Try at least one new restaurant a month.  (Jan-Jules Maes; Feb-Via TribunaliKingfish CafeBook BinderyEddies Trackside; March - Habesha; April - Quinn's, Salumi; May - Showa, Revel)
  4. Read at least one book a month.  (Jan - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Feb - Cannibal KillersThe Time Traveler's Wife; March - The Lost SymbolMoloka'iThe Tattoo; April - HonoluluThe Zahir; May - Makes Me Wanna Holler, Christmas House )
  5. Knit a scarf with nice yarn. (This one is slow going... eek!)    
  6. Work on Darwin's training.  I've been slacking on working with her and really want to improve her recall. 
  7. (I've been working on her recall and new tricks!)
  8. Trim Darwin's toe nails more consistently.  Darwin hates when we trim her nails and so we usually go long periods without a nail trim.  She went to the boarder over Christmas and came back with nice short nails.  Now to keep them short.
  9.  (still need to work on this!)
  10. Go hiking (snow shoeing in the winter) at least once a month.  Besides the exercise aspect of it (for us and Darwin) it'll be good to explore the area.  Embrace our inner Pacific Northwesterner.  (Jan-Gold Creek snowshoe; Feb-Lake Wenatchee (failed snowshoeing); March-Hyak snowshoe; April-Larrabee State Park)
  11. Call home at least once a month.  
  12. Limit my shopping (clothes/shoes) to $500 or less for the year. ($219 left! winter boots + gift cards = $70, BR jeans = $20, Goodwill (Gap and Lucky) jeans=$27, skinny jeans, 2 blouses and a hoodie (Forever 21) = $52, flannel and puffy vest(Target) = $15, ASOS blouse = $12, Piperlime top = $15, Max Studio wedges = $70)
  13. Do at least one house cleaning activity during the week (sweeping, mopping, clean the bathroom, etc).  Jason likes to do all the cleaning on the weekend.  It'd be nice to have one less thing/area to clean so we can have more weekend time.

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