Monday, March 29, 2010


we decided this weekend to take a shot at serious gardening.
last year we did planter boxes on the balcony with herbs... i tried basil (twice), thyme, mint, sage and cilantro.  only the mint, thyme and sage survived.  i don't know if it has to do with the fact we used started plants or just poor gardening on my part, but this go around we are starting with mostly seeds.
on friday while jason was getting his hair cut i stopped in at a little shop, the copper vine and found they had started arugula plants.  i bought two and had them re-pot them in a bigger pot.

the owner there is really nice and even gave me a discount on the pot because it didn't have a matching  plate for it.
after picking that up on friday i was in the gardening mood and on saturday we found out i could use 2 of the 3 planter boxes our neighbor built outside.  we headed to the store to see what seeds we could find and came away with wild flowers and lavender for the first box nearest the street (in case any dog's wanted to pee at least it wasn't something edible) and for the 2nd box we picked up butter lettuce, spinach and arugula seeds.  we also found starter broccoli and grabbed three of those to plant in another planter.  i also got a rosemary starter and seeds of basil and italian parsley to try and regrow on the balcony.

hopefully in a week or so we'll see things starting to grow... and in a few weeks have actual salads and herbs from our garden!


  1. Good luck with the garden! You must live pretty close to us; we bought some seeds and starts at the Copper Vine last year. If you want any starts to try out I have a ton this year -- cherry tomatoes, squash, cucumber, chard... just let me know!

  2. Thanks Dan! And thanks for the offer on starts! I'll see how things progress and maybe I'll take you up on some cucumber!